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On the hill

A fair walk from where I was staying in Tanja is a hill with some housing on, a kind of suburb. Getting there involved passing what seemed be some sort of dumping ground with a lot of trash and a road which some large trucks used as a short cut. I saw the street leading up the hill and proceeded to give my legs some exercise ascending it.

There were a few people about as I continued and reach what appeared to be the top. A small cafe offered me the chance to sit down and have a mint tea. Tea here is mint and is served in either a pot with a short glass or a large one with the sprigs of mint in. The Moroccans add a lot of sugar normally, so I asked for less so it didn't ruin the flavor of the mint.
Still a short ways to reach the top.

I took this photo of another hill further away. Tanja is built on hills and very spread out.

This is some kind of cactus, with very sharp points. I've never seen anything like it before and do not know the name of the plant.

A pleasant stroll.

Mar 06, 2024

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