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Not quite ten

Doing anything on a weekend here is a pain when using public transport. Saturday and Sunday many trains and some buses run a skeleton service, so instead of three to four an hour, they'll run once an hour or once every 2 hours, especially to rural areas. Most people are at work during the week and that means I am alone when hiking so don't have to put up with the dog lot or all kinds of folk stomping along trails.
I had been to the town before, so decided a short walk to nearby village would be a nice addition. Understand that the few English villages which are serviced by trains usually have the station anywhere from 1-2 miiles ouside it for some reason. A number of people pointed in different directions all insisting I should walk, "that way". It took a while; once walking about a mile and half up this long hill thanks to some idiot. I reached a point of strike three you're out on the trail, but a guy was walking that way and knew where he was going so I strode with him for a spell. Eventually I end up going the correct direction, thanks William. Stopping for a well needed rest I sat alone for while and continued on.
This was at the entrance to the Lullingstone Castle estate.

There were a lot of tourists there to see the various parts of the estate, so had to put up with them. A short way out there was finally a sign for the trail, so I entered it.
Once away from Lullingstone and all the trippers, the trek with it's signage was fine and I entered the next village to catch a train back home

I didn't break the ten mile barrier, but was close with 9 miles on the trek. I'm tired of doing walks in Kent and will return to the area cattycorner of London to where I live.

Let's go for it...
Jun 10, 2023

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