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Just a mangy fox day

Four stations down the line is a town which has a common. The land termed commons is for the commoners as allowed by the aristocrats. That means anyone can walk, graze their cattle and in some cases live on a common. So it is possible that wild animals may be there and to that end I hoped to see and photograph some.
The common.

Once in location, the first thing I noticed were a lot of folk walking their dogs gods making a fair amount of noise, but not as bad as my first outing. There were a lot of trails and on some I was all alone, but no wildlife.

On the way however...

The nearby train station only had about 6 people on both platforms. A train was due in about ten minutes, so I quietly strolled the length of the platform I was on alone. Then I saw the fox. It stopped scratching itself and looked at me as I froze and reached into the bag for my camera.
The animal's tail is in bad condition as you can see.

This thing was quite mangy, patches of festered skin were visible on its right side, I doubt it will live much longer, the creature was in terrible shape. Several photo's were taken and the above one was the best.

The search continues...
May 17, 2023

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