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High summer

I had not planned on taking any photographs during a short exercise trek but the view in front of me was almost a requirement. The middle of July is high summer and the richness of the foliage, with the reflection of light on the leaves seemed to be calling to me. By now you may probably have realised that I do not like England, but this time of year has its perks. The lushness of woods and ground cover can be quite beautiful.
A short ride on the rails took me to my nearest stomping ground. Though it is mainly flat, the abundant ground cover and trees is like being out away from town, in the countryside. This time of the year it can be silent except for the occasional siren or aircraft going over to land at Heathrow Airport. The trouble with flat land may help leg wise, but getting rid of my pandemic belly needs real hills and there are none here.
There are a number of places where people can sit down or lay on the grass. This walk was around lunchtime in the middle of the week so I only saw 2 people walking a ways off. I can cover quite a few miles here easily. There are two main circular trails and several more criss-crossing their way around the region (over 200 acres).

'nuff said.

Jul 16, 2023

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