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Deer in the shade

It is the sixteenth of December, cold because of the chill factor, but the sun was out. This time of year taking any photograph can be a pain because the sun is so low in the sky. There is a park in Pamplona named, Jardines de la Taconera where people can only view from the top of a walled area, you cannot walk in the low section. As well as the feathered lot there are a couple of deer. So I walked there to see if I could get a photo of one.
Both the animals were laying under a tree a long way off and I took a lot of shots. The above one had me spending over an hour in Photoshop to get it right, because from where I was standing the creature was a silhouette.

My Leica/Lumix is not a bridge camera so I cannot have a polarizing filter on it. There is a method in Photoshop to do a polarizing effect, but it is not as good as the real thing. At least I managed to achieve enough to get some color and texture of the doe's head. I use 3 MP, zoomed up to about 90 X and this image is the best I could do.

If I think it is cold here, Drew Burnett is heading to Montana in February where he will learn a whole new definition of cold. Me, I fly to Tangier in a few weeks, where it is warmer and (maybe, hopefully) can get some photo's of creatures while there.

It was a long walk
Dec 16, 2023

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