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Another fox

Living in the location I do, wild animals are not all that present. Disembarking from the tram, I headed for the end of the platform and beheld a fox. There is a graveyard entrance and it stood there looking at me. I am assuming that the grey color is present because the thing is old. I slowly reached for my camera and it stood there continueing to stare. I spoke to it, dropped to one knee and the beast approached me.
I quietly kept speaking to the thing and it came closer, almost within an arms length. My camera was by then out but I didn't want the gates of the graveyard and it's belongings in the shot, then slowly stood up so that the animal went onto the grass off to the right. I then began taking photo's of it, all the while gently speaking to it.
It doesn't appear to be mangy, like the previous one, just old. If I'd had food, the thing would have probably come to me and taken it from my hand, it was that docile.
I have no idea how long foxes live, but I reckon this one was quite old to be out looking for food at the time of day we encountered each other. I bade it farewell as it went back to the gate of the graveyard and entered it. I continued my walk into the country park that I often stroll through for exercise.

What else awaits me...
May 26, 2023

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