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A few different miles

The morning crept on, slowly making it's way toward noon, but thoughts of getting a few miles behind me kept nagging at my mind. The apartment I live in has a balcony and faces north, so looking at the thermometer hanging on the wall, it read about 51 degrees with a cold northerly breeze. Throwing on a bit heavier clothing, I set out the door and made my way to a nearby station.

June had finally landed and I was looking forward to going out as much as possible to get back in shape for a summer trip. Enroute I saw clouds part and blue sky signaling that it didn't like me putting on that extra top. Once arriving at my destination, I stepped onto the platform to be greeted by bright sunshine with no breeze, lessening clouds and the temperature heading rapidly toward 70. It was grin and bear it time.

I had my Leica/Lumix bridge camera with me and a new (for me) smartphone. A Moto G3 was bought earlier this year, but it's camera was terrible. I now have a Samsung J5, purchased for a really good price. It was in the lightweight bag I sling over my shoulder for short walks, problem is the photo's are huge (smallest is 6 MP) but good. No worries though, as I began the trek.
A smallish lake is there with a few water fowl.


Out in the middle of the countryside, right?

Certainly looks and sounds like it. Hardly any noise and a few people out walking. But wait a moment—this is not some remote area far away from the nearest village. The place in Southeast London—reinforced by a siren heard in the distance. It is named South Norwood Country Park and is exactly that. There are small areas here, that in the height of summer you cannot hear a thing. Other places, inside little bits of woodland, I have sat all alone for a long time. I go there often to walk and be away from the garbage of London.
Took these two shots with my smartphone.
On one side are these houses. Many of the folk who live here did not even know the park existed until the Covid Pandemic. This has resulted in many narrow trails becoming 2-3 times wider, especially in winter when the place is a sea of mud and water. I took the above photo as I waited for the tram. One had left just before I arrived at the platform and had to wait 15 minutes for the next one. By then my jacket was open and the sun bore down enough that I began to sweat.

And now for real stuff...
Jun 02, 2023

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